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6 Ways to Help Children To Improve Focus and Concentration

While focussing can be an issue for anyone at any age, mostly is common in children with ADHD AND ASD. If you think that your children are having problems focusing and concentrating more than usual, speak with your children's doctor to see what they can do to verify if the children have ADHD AND ASD. This suggestion is for every family member, guardian or teacher who wants to improve the focus and concentration of their children.

How to Improve Focus in Children:

#1 Improve their environment

Children need a safe place where they can control their actions, emotions and bodies. Create a safe place where you can communicate with your children and they can respond in their best way. If they are in place were they can’t concentrate it would be more harder from them

#2 Give Attention

At least once a day give 100% concentration to your children at least 15min to 60min. Create something that both participate as reading a book, short board game, make drawing or painting.

#3 Break Down The Task

If they see all their work that they are going to do, they can find it harder and they may zone out and stop paying attention. Break it down for them as a small task. Maybe you make it as a game to make it more fun for them.

#4 Encourage Reading

Reading is a universal strategy to help improve focus in children. Read with them a book that the children would enjoy. Start with a small book with illustrations and then you can move forward with a book that has more pages. If you think is to much you can reading with the child the first chapter. After reading, ask questions, if they respond incorrectly, correct them in a nice way.

#5 Make Plans and Take Breaks

Creating a plan would teach your children responsibility. This can help your children learn how to focus. As important as it is to focus, it is equally — if not more so — important to move and take breaks. Teach the children the importance of taking a break after or during finishing an assignment.

#6 All Children Learn In Different Ways

All children learn differently, especially neurodivergent children. Some Kids have an easier learning visually, spoken or tactile stimulations. Each child has their own unique way of learning. Meaning that we need patience with them and learning with methods are the best to help them and teach.

In Heaven’s Little Angels PPEC we see how our Speech Therapy, Respiratory Therapy, Occupation Therapy and Applied Behavior Analysis teach and help the kids individually. Creating unique goals for each child.

By: Coralys D Bosques Ortiz


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