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Activities for children with disabilities

Heaven's Little Angels PPEC in Poinciana FL, we have parents and guardians asking us what activities they can do with their special need children. It all depends on the child's disability, it is very important to know what activities can be done with them. At Heaven's Little Angels PPEC we give options but always contact your child's primary doctor to be sure what activities can be done.

Summer camps

Heaven's Little Angels PPEC offers summer camp. In our camp your child will have nursing care and will be able to interact with other children. We offer full time and part time

Crayola Experience - Orlando, FL

It has different activities from coloring to playing in a small park.

Lake Park

Lake parks have lakes where your child can get wet and play. They can also offer a park so they can play around or just play with the sand.

Jump house

At our PPEC it is one of our favorite activities. All our children can play in the jumping house and share with others. They would feel safe because they have the familiarity of the nurses and other kids.

Theme parks

For theme parks check what services they offer for children with disabilities and special needs because each theme park has its own amenities.

The activities that Heaven’s Little Angels PPEC are only suggestion. Always contact your child primary doctor to make sure that the doctor approve is a good fit your child in need. If is a private company always call to make sure which accommodation have for children with disabilities and special needs.

By: Coralys D Bosques Ortiz


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