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Activities for children with disabilities

Physical activities for children are beneficial for physical and mental health and are a way to de-stress and have fun. At Heaven's Little Angels PPEC in Poinciana, FL. We adapt physical activities to children with disabilities depending on the child's needs. Here are some ideas:

1. Crafts

Crafts have the benefits for children to build their potential in their creativity, patience, and concentration. These are some ideas: ice cream sticks to create a puppet, plastic or cardboard plates, and paint them to make faces.

2. Outdoor activities

Playing outdoors with children brings benefits to improve their health, relaxation, and connection with nature. Go for a walk, play with a ball, and public park playgrounds.

3. Board games

Board games have good benefits. The benefits are the development of motor, mental and sensory abilities. Board games that can be played are hungry-hungry hippos, dominoes, trouble, blocks, and head-breaking puzzle.

4. Local gardens and parks

Children could enjoy the views of the gardens with the diversity of nature. In most communities, there is a local park nearby that has a playground for children to play.

5. Memory games

Memory games can help to train visual memory. Some memory games could be playing I spy, Skip Hop Memory Game for toddlers, Zoo Crew, word search, and books where you have to describe what you see as numbers and animals.

At Heaven's Little Angels PPEC, we do different extracurricular activities for children. If you are interested to have information about Heaven's Little Angels PPEC, you can write to our virtual agent on the website or call us at 407-963-5638. Our location is in Poinciana, Florida.

By: Coralys B.


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