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Back-to-School Tips for Parents of Children with Special Needs

Back-to-School tips for parents of children with special needs is challenging because it means new teachers, new classmates, new systems and new goals. Back to school is a new project each year. In Heaven’s Little Angels PPEC we have kids that are with us from babies and now they’re going to first grade. Meaning that the parents ask us a lot of questions and we want to help all the parents that need those answers.

#1 Connect personally with your child teachers

have a meeting with your child teacher to let them know your kid's strengths and weaknesses. Also talk to the school staff and ask them questions as well. Speak with them about the concerns, change and questions that you have for your child's safety.

#2 Check that the accommodation are in place

verify that all accommodations are in place and approved by the school. Verified with your child guidance counselor, case manager, teacher, and therapists. Remember that the school and staff have thousands of kids to care for. Always communicate with them to verify that everything is ready to go.

#3 Organize all the paperwork

keep track of all the paperwork. Meaning keeping track of phone calls, emails, notes, meetings and anything that you think that would be important for later.

#4 Create a routine

create a routine for your children before and after school. You can start weeks before school starts so your child feels more comfortable. Start with a morning routine before school and then evening an after school routine. Starting the routine earlier would make your child feel more comfortable for the first day in school.

#5 Preview Transportation

get a preview transportation information ahead of time. Connect with the person or people who will be driving your child, so you can provide them with any important information they need concerning your child's needs. Ask yourself these questions: When and how will they catch the van or bus? Who is driving? What's the route? How long does the trip take? You need to have all these answers before they start school.

#6 Checklist

create a checklist for everyday. Take one step at a time, don’t stress yourself most of the time you would have a solution to the problem. Be patient with the people at your surrounding especially with yourself. You’re doing a great job

Heaven’s Little PPec, located in Poinciana, Fl is here to help you out the best that we can. We also offer an after school program for special kids in need. You can call us at ​​(407) 963-5638 or create an appointment online with us to see our Pediatric Extended Care in Poinciana, FL.

By: Coralys D Bosques Ortiz


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