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Care of young children with diabetes

Children with diabetes must follow specific care to avoid possible complications with their health. Diabetes, a disease caused by the body's failure to produce the hormone insulin, is a chronic disease that generates an imbalance of glucose in the blood. It is not curable. It is important that parents and guardians help the child to understand as early as possible the importance of taking care of her health. That he will have to take care of certain aspects and habits of her life to avoid complications in her present and future. The Heaven's Little Angel PPEC team, located in Poinciana FL says “having diabetes does not stop a child from having an “ordinary” life and being able to do their daily activities. If you as parents and guardians have questions or concerns, you can contact the child's doctor. Just like contacting us if you are interested in our PPEC or your child is already in our PPEC”

Practical advice for mothers and caregivers of children with diabetes

  • Responsibility for your health

Teach the child the responsibility that comes with their feeding and treatments. Psychologists recommend that children ages 8 and up take responsibility for blood sugar levels, insulin administration, and eating controls. Celebrate those small gains in your health together so he can see his achievements.

  • Meal times for children with diabetes

People who have diabetes have to have a meal schedule to avoid hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia. Pediatricians specialized in diabetes recommend that they consume their food 5 days a day. The ideal would be 3 main meals and 2 snacks.

  • Eat healthy

A good diet that includes fruits, vegetables, breads and among other things. It is important to communicate with your doctor what type of food the child should have because everything depends on age, weight, and height.

  • Physical activities

Physical activities are recommended for everyone. Children with diabetes are required to exercise. Creating that habit early will help in the long run. Before enrolling the child in any activity consult with your pediatric doctor.

This tips is to give you an idea of diabetes care for children and help you. Remember if you have doubts or questions contact your pediatric doctor.


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