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No matter their ability, all children learn through play, here are 3 fun activities to help them.

1. Cook with them. If it’s one thing children love no matter what their ability, is to spend time with their loved ones. Cooking whether they can help you with prep, or even mimic with their own toys or kitchen utensils, they will love every second of it.

2. Bust out the painting set! No seriously, painting or drawing is another way to bond and have fun with your child, it lets them explore their creativity and they will love every moment of it. For children with low mobility, they have paint brushes that are easy to grab and use, and fingerpainting is always a fun option as well.

3. Toys are another great way to spend time with your child, so bust out that old toy chest in the attic if you need to. Depending on their ability, sensory toys are a great alternative to help stimulate your child(ren). Toys with suction cups that you can attach to the wall, you can even use safe household items like a sponge or plastic cups. These are some to name a few but any toy will do, the most important part is that you create memories you and your child will remember forever.

There are so many fun activities that are not listed, that is what I love about PPEC centers, they will take care of every child needs and help with their development. Whether your child needs therapy, or just needs close attentive care while you are at work, A PPEC will have you covered. Thankfully we have such Medical Day care centers such as Heavens Little Angels located in Poinciana FL. The best part of it all? All expenses will be taken care of through Medicaid, which is a easy process to get approved for.

We hope you keep these great tips in mind, your little ones will thank you for it.


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