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Summer Activities for Families with Special Needs Kids

Heaven’s Little Angels PPEC we like to help families to find activities near the Poinciana area, FL . In this blog you find ideas to do with your special kids with needs and children with disabilities. Summer is an exciting season to play and create memories with your child.

1# Summer camp-Pediatric Extended Care

Pediatric Extended Care offers summer camp can be full time or part- time. Pediatric Extended Care offers summer camp to children with special needs. Where they would interact with other children and enjoy the extracurricular activities.

2# Visit a Local Farm or Petting Zoo

Go to your nearby local farm or petting zoo in your area, most of the children love animals and that is something that the kids would enjoy because they do not see those animals everyday. You can call the place first to see if they have accommodations for your children.

3# Simple Games

Simple games can be from reading, listening to a song and guessing the next part, or to see the clouds and guess what shape is. You can include arts and toys.

4# Check your public library

Public libraries have a lot of activities for children. The activities can include arts, music, reading, dancing, learning and more. Check your public library and you would be surprised.

5# Pack a Picnic

The picnic can be outside or indoors, the most convenient for your child and yourself. It can be your kids favorite snack and you can create a theme of dinosaurs, princess. It can be anything that both would enjoy.

6# Movie time

Put your kids' favorite movie. Sit down with them and snuggle together. You kids would love your company.

Heaven’s Little Angels PPEC offers summer camp full time or part-time. PPEC stands for Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care. Heavens Little Angels PPEC offers a stimulating, social and nurturing alternative health care choice to families and children with medically-complex conditions to receive continual medical care in a non residential setting.

By: Coralys D Bosques Orti


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