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Tips for Using an iPad to Support Your Child With Special Need

In Heaven’s Little Angels PPEC we have screen time for our kids.Tablets and other devices can be great tools for special kids in need. The iPad and tablet have a lot of different apps available for specific things that you may want for your children from education to social skills.

The iPad and tablet seemed to offer a promising solution to making their life a little bit easier. Before handing the iPad or tablet to the children these are the 6 things that you should know.

#1 Buy a protective case

As a parent you know that your children like to bite, throw, hit things, and accidents happen. Investing in a heavy-duty case is going to be 100% worth it. Some electronic items have a warranty that you can invest in. For example Apple products have AppleCar+ that covers two incidents of accidental damage protection every 12 months. They will even ship you a replacement device so you don’t have to wait for the repair.

#2 Set up Parents restrictions

Put some restrictions on the device that you as parents think is the best. I would recommend limiting the age restriction for apps and videos. If you want to delete an app on the device if you want, an example would be safari so your kid would not be navigating the internet.

#3 Have a plan

Before introducing the device, consider the purpose of it. The Ipad or Tablet is for communication, social skills, behavior and other things that you would know that would help your child with. Talk to your kids doctor and therapies to know the suggestion that they have for the apps. After you have a plan of what is going to be the use of the Ipad, introduce it to your kids and explain how to use it.

#4 Downloads apps

Find an app that would fit your children's needs. Before downloading any app check their reviews if there are good things. Finding an appropriate app sometimes can cost money. It’s always good to consult your kids' doctors and therapies if they recommend any app for your kid.

#5 Read app reviews with your specific goals in mind

After you check the review of the app that you want on the device, verify that everything is right. The app might require you to do some setting up, such as creating a profile for your child. If it’s a game, you might want to play it to see if you think it’s at the right developmental level.

#6 Organizing the apps

Create a group of apps that have similar values and goals. Apps that your children don't use because they learn how to read and write, or they’re not useful for their education, deleted the app.

In Heaven's Little Angels we have screen time were our kids use the device of different purpose. You as parents would find the best device and apps for your child need. If you want app recommendations ask your child doctor , nurses and therapies. If you're are looking for a Medical Day Care in Poinciana, FL we are the ones that we can help you. You can call us at (407) 963-5638.

By: Coralys D Bosques Ortiz


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