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What is gastrostomy and what is it for?

Heaven's Little Angels PPEC located in Poinciana, we have children with gastrostomy. In this blog we will talk about what a gastrostomy is and how it works. Gastrostomy is a procedure in which a flexible tube is inserted directly into the stomach through the wall of the abdomen. Once the doctor puts the tube in place, a small balloon is filled with water. This prevents the tube from coming out, with the tube you can administer the nutritions that are needed such as food and necessary medicines. Other names for gastrostomy are percutaneous endoscopic tube and PEG tube. The gastrostomy works so that the child has the nutrients that she needs such as liquid nutritional supplements and other liquids. It's one of the ways doctors make sure kids with eating difficulties get the fluids and calories they need.

When a child has a gastrostomy, it is because them has trouble sucking or swallowing normally, is growing more slowly than normal or has trouble gaining weight, or has trouble taking medicine by mouth. Having the gastrostomy will help the child get the nutrients they needs for her growth.

If you have any doubt about what type of food the child should have, ask the doctor what diet the kid should follow. Maintain good communication with the doctors for the children procedures, care and feeding. At Heavens Little Angels PPEC we have the equipment and tools to provide the necessary care for children with gastrostomy. If you would like to know about our services, you can contact us through our website.

By: Coralys D Bosques Ortiz


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